December 16-19 – COAPINOLE (DEMONIO BLANCO) Take Francisco Villa north towards Pitillal.  As you proceed, you will pass Macro Plaza and Soriana.   After crossing the bridge into Pititillal, you will pass the church and the plaza.  Continue straight. At a cross street named “16 de septiembres, TURN RIGHT.  There is no street sign.  Landmark is the “La Hamburguesa” restaurant, which is painted yellow, dark orange and navy blue.  Continue up the hill. At the top, the cross street is calle Guerrero.  Proceed one more block to calle Francisco Madero, whose landmark is a lime green 2-story building on the left.  TURN LEFT.  Continue 1.5 blocks on Madero, which is a paved street that turns into a dirt road.  Location is on the left hand side of this road in a one-story orange house.  FRANCISCO MADERO 569