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Our History

In 2013, several animal advocates launched PEACEAnimals, a Mexican nonprofit (AC), sharing a work agreement with Pets for Life, a Mexican for-profit (SC).

When Peace Punta de Mita discontinued its free spay/neuter program, “Ayuda a los Animales” [Help the Animals], the foundation generously donated all their clinic equipment and supplies to  PEACEAnimals.

Two vet team members, Dr. Poli and Dr. Anthony, were hired.  A few years later, our vet team grew with the addition of Dr. Pacheco and EMVZ Leslie Caratachea.

At present, 30 plus towns and neighborhoods, primarily in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas, are visited by the PEACEAnimals free, mobile spay and neuter clinic.

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What we do

Our Services


In 2018, PEACEAnimals sterilized 5,792 dogs and cats. Our clinics are first-come, first-served and are very popular so arrive early to sign up for same-day treatment/surgery.

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Prior to surgery, your cat or dog will be treated  for fleas, ticks and parasites, as well as mange, if present.  Pregnancies are terminated at owner’s request. If a pet is too critically ill or injured to survive, euthanasia may also be performed at owner’s request.

community-wide education

PEACEAnimals provides weekly education presentations in neighborhood (colonia) schools where mobile clinics take place.  The central focus is pet care, with an emphasis on spay/neuter and adoption or rescue versus purchase.  Also stressed is care and respect for wildlife and  the environment.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

The mission of PEACEAnimals is to prevent the future suffering of animals. We believe mass, free mobile spay/neuter clinics do the most good for the most animals. Towns and neighborhoods are cleaner, quieter, healthier and safer where there is no overpopulation of pets. Wildlife is at less risk for decimation. Spay/neutering also helps animals live a healthier life. Clinics take place primarily in the area of the Bay of Banderas (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).